Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spies Are Reading My Blog FALL TOUR of US and CANADA!

From mid-September through Mid-November I will do gigs all over the US and Canada.  That is, with your help...

Specifically, here's the crowdsourced tour plan:  sometime between now and early June, I hope to hear from at least thirty individuals (or groups or organizations) who live anywhere in the continental United States or anywhere in Canada within 200 miles of the US border, who are willing to commit to organizing a concert in the fall.  Then, by late June, I will map out the tour and tell folks what date(s) will work for their town.  Assuming enough gigs come together, my plan will be to start and end in Portland, Oregon, and do some kind of zigzagging loop around North America by car.

As people commit to organizing gigs -- just email me to do that! -- I'll update this page right here, below, with the tour plan...  Basically, committing to organize a gig entails either signing up as a Concert Circle subscriber and hosting a house concert that way (which would hopefully become an annual tradition in your living room!), or making a one-off plan to organize a show, with the intention of making sure it would involve me making a few hundred dollars one way or another -- whether that's from charging at the door or from the show having the backing of an organization with a budget or an individual with a good job...  No need to make a guarantee, though, as long as you're willing to diligently follow my How to Organize A Show recipe.  (For folks willing and able to subscribe as Concert Circle members, there's no need to even follow that recipe if you want to just take it easy and have a little shindig just for you and your friends, either way...)

And whether or not you're able to organize a show, you'll be doing me a big favor just by sharing my plans with your friends and comrades and encouraging other folks to organize shows, attend shows, and to sign up to help promote the tour through my Thunderclap campaign for it, which will be active by mid-July...

Thanks in advance for any and all ways you might be able to participate in making this tour a big success!

Love and solidarity,

The tour so far:

Sunday, September 14th, 6 pm
Sunnyside Up Cafe
116 NW 3rd St.
Corvallis, Oregon

Polson, Montana

Toronto, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

Montreal, Quebec